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Swiss Turning

Nova-Tech Industries Inc, Swiss crew machines are able to produce a large number of small, tight tolerance precision component in a faster and more cost-efficient manner. Our Precision turned parts generally range in diameter from 0.4mm (0.0119") up to 20mm (0.787") with tolerance down to 0.0001". All secondary operations are managed by us so that we provide parts complete.

CNC Machining

Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Machining is a process that automates the machine operations via different code commands. It allows for the highest of precision, while reducing the turnaround time tenfold. With years of experience, we utilize fully automated CNC Machines to complete jobs required. Whether the job is small or large, we can help cut the parts necessary. Milling or turning jobs, our CNC Mill and Lathe machines will cut your parts.


Nova Tech provides extremely proficient design and engineering services. While currently utilizing MasterCAM 2020, we always stay current to ensure the most up to date and newest technology available. You can send over the necessary drawings, or simply let us know what is needed as we can draft up the necessary requirements. At Nova Tech, our staff is equipped, experienced, and ready to tackle all engineering jobs.


For customers needing a high quality prototype, Nova Tech is here to provide you the help needed. We take pride in providing prototype and production machining to food, electrical power, medical, and aerospace industries. Regardless of your machining requirements, you will find Nova Tech is qualified to meet your needs with extreme proficiency. Simple or complex machining, we're ready to complete the job.

We Provide first class customer service and High Quality Swiss precision Machined parts to all our customers.

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